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June 2018
Update from Dr J Dunbar
Dr Dunbar is still working in the NHS and with the EUROPEAN TOUR GOLF but is no longer seeing private patients this year.
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December 2015
Looking Back at 2015
2015 is almost over, mostly with a busy year of clinics and work with the Men’s European Tour Golf professional players.
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December 2014
Looking Back at 2014
2014 is almost over and what a year for sport it has been and I apologise to my patients for being away from my clinics but I have been privileged enough to have worked at many of the Scottish events.
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February 2013
Clinic Information
After a busy exciting 2012 working at both Olympic and Paralympic games 2013 is back to earth.
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January 2012
Home Clinic Update
Back at Framework in Bridge of Allan, Dr Dunbar is expanding her clinic days and planning to do a monthly clinic in Livingston in the near future.

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